In keeping with our Mission Statement, these are some of the things that Council has so far been able to support since school has started.

This list is constantly updated as council fundraises, meets, votes, and provides programming and resources. Check back soon to see where you’re fundraising dollars are making a real difference at Meadowlands!

1. $100 towards the bus per class field trip.

2. $150 allocation to every teacher to purchase items for their classroom.

3. $300 for Wii games for the Wii club (which is quite the popular club!).

4. $600 for a “hip hop” dance lesson for all the children (from kinders to grade 6).

5. $375 for a Zen fitness class (40 minutes) for the children.

6. $500 for the purchase of needed phys ed/sports equipment (older and usable equipment will be allocated to the classrooms for the children to still enjoy).

7. $900 for the ever-popular Blues in the School (parents can also attend and enjoy!).

8. $300 for the participation costs for sporting events/annual tournaments entry fees.

9. $100 for the A-Z reading licence program (for learning support for French and English students).

10. $562 for cameras from Henry’s,  for the Camera Club, as well as for other teachers and classes to use with their students.

11. $250 to the library for the purchase of French and English books from the Samko and Miko sale (where we also get back 10%!).

12.  $900 Scientists’ in the School Workshops for classes!

Thank you to all our Meadowlands Families for your generosity and support of our events and fundraisers that makes it possible for us to fund all these wonderful items and activities for our children to enjoy!