Reminder: Samko & Miko receipts due

All stamped receipts from the Samko & Miko Toy and Book Warehouse sale are due.

Please return the ORIGINAL STAMPED  receipts to the school office or have your child give it to their teacher. Thank you very much for those who have already returned their receipt.

FYI – Stores WILL accept a photocopy or scan in the event that an item is defective and needs to be exchanged. However, the fundraising department at Samko and Miko will NOT accept a photocopy or a scan.

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Boston Pizza Lunch Day – November 22, 2017

Meadowlands School Council is offering a new lunch option for your child this November – pasta from Boston Pizza!

Please see the order form for all of the details.

Your child’s meal must be ordered and paid for in advance.

Order forms and money are due to your child’s teacher by Friday, November 17, 2017.

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Meadowlands School Council Agenda for Nov. 14, 2017


Call to order (5 min)

  1. Welcome and introductions
  2. Circulate attendance sheet
  3. Adoption  of minutes
  4. Adoption of agenda
  5. Chair’s message

Principal and Vice Principal Report (15 min)

Teacher Report (10 min)

Treasurer Report (10 min)

  1. Banking options
  2. Safe purchase
  3. Gift cards
  4. Insurance
  5. Outstanding cheques – 2 from last year
  6. Miscellaneous fund for providing assistance to students with financial barriers to accessing school council activities (pizza)- estimate amount

OCASC Report  (5 min)

Craft Sale  (5 min)

Nutritional Coordinator (10 min)

Subway – not a peanut/nut free facility
Hotdog options

Movie Night (5 min)

  1. No screen
  2. Councillor Egli’s office has offered to donate $100 towards a rental
  3. Rental cost ?

New Business (10 min)

  1. Grants – Received $500 from board and $1000 from PRO
  2. Form a committee for Grant applications and to review the Constitution
  3. Teachers/School requests (motion to vote)
    • Scientist in the School ($2000)
    • Drum fit $1000
    • School buses for field trips (21x$100 = $2100)
    • Teacher allocations: 30x$200 = $6000 (receipts to be submitted to council by 1st April 2018)
  1.    Pizza party (motion to vote)
    • Donate free pizzas for the food drive
  1.      Winter Carnival (Feb 3/18)
    • Motion to vote on Sleigh ride, coffee, food, hot chocolate
    • committee

Other comments or suggestions?

Closing and Adjournment

Coffee Talk to follow. Please bring your own mug!

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