Mission Statement

Our Council’s role is to enrich and enhance the learning experience and learning environment for all our children. The goals for education are for our children to achieve academically, to acquire valuable skills, demonstrate good citizenship, develop enhanced mental and physical health, a positive sense of self and belonging, and the skills to make positive choices.  Our school board philosophy is one of educating for success – inspiring learning and building citizenship. Our school also prides itself on raising the children to “be citizens of the world, which means helping those who are less fortunate, being compassionate, being fair and being just.”

We are here to do what we can, to best support our children, parents, teachers, and the school. We will continue to support art, drama, music, sports, literacy, numeracy, technology, citizenship, and other areas in our school. 

Our Council provides opportunities for parents and families to be an active and valuable part of the Meadowlands School community.  This involvement can be carried out in many different ways – by attending school/Council events, volunteering at events or within the school, being informed, communicating with teachers, other parents, and Council members, and ultimately by communicating with our children about their school, and what goes on within it.