Pizza and Popcorn Program is Back!

We’re excited to announce that our Pizza and Popcorn program is back in business!

Pizza will be through Pizza Pizza and delivered to student’s classrooms during their first nutrition break on Wednesdays starting April 6 and ending June 22. The cost per slice is $2.50. Pizza options include: cheese, pepperoni, dairy free cheese or gluten and dairy free.

Popcorn will be through Popa Jack’s and delivered on Thursdays starting April 7 and ending June 23. The cost per 22g bag is $1.  Popcorn flavour options are: butter, dill or cheddar. 

Orders are to be made through SchoolCash online, which will be up and running this coming Monday. The deadline to place an order is March 31. It takes much organization to get theses programs up and going. Late orders will not be added after March 31. 

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