January 2021 Parent Council meeting agenda

Call to order (5min)

  • Welcome and introductions   

New Business (10 min)

  • School Events
    • January (Bingo) – Update
    • February (raffle) – Valentine Themed Raffle – fill a basket and sell tickets on the yard at the end of the day for example. Perhaps we can sell them virtually. We are going to look into that to see if it can be worked out through school cash.
    • March (Pizza) – We could try to do a pizza kits from Boston Pizza. They would buy it from us and pick it up from Boston Pizza.
    • April (Scavenger Hunt) – Virtual Scavenger Hunt through the Facebook group. The other school that is doing this is asking for $5 or whatever amount they want. The money from it was being donated to families in need from their own school.
    • May-?
    • June- pizza delivery? Ask the grade 6’s for preferences.

Principal Report (15 min)

  1. OCDSB and MPS Kindergarten Information Evening: Virtual: January 20th or 21st
  2. First floor “Hooks and cubbies”: Approximately $2700.00
  3. Snack Program: Over 800 healthy snacks given out last month

Teacher Report (10 min)


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