Calling all BAKERS!

Meadowlands would like to hold a bake sale on Tuesday, February 4th. One of our dear Early Childhood Educators, Jennifer Landry, is facing her third battle with cancer. Many of you have been blessed to get to know Jennifer and her family over the years. We want to support them at this challenging time by holding a bake sale and donating all money raised to them.

How can you help?

  1. Send nut-free baking in on Monday or Tuesday. It would be especially helpful if you could package baked goods individually. If you send them in a container that you would like to have returned home, please add your child’s name and their teacher’s name to the container with a label or tape.
  2. Send change with your child on Tuesday. All classes will be invited to visit the bake sale where they can make purchases for $1 or $2. We will also hold a cake raffle with $1 tickets for a chance to win a cake.
  3. Keep Jennifer and her family in your thoughts.

Thank you for being the incredible, supportive community that you are. We are all deeply grateful.

The Meadowlands Staff

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