Mme Ramharry’s Canadian Geographic Classroom Energy Diet Challenge

The following is a message from Nadira Ramharry, a grade 5 teacher at Meadowlands: 


Ladies and Gents,

Our class is focusing its efforts on Alternative Energy (grade 5) & Electricity (grade 6). We will be exploring energy sources and their impact on our environment, ghost energy, transportation, green architecture, where we can cut our consumption, etc.

To this end, we are participating in the Canadian Geographic Classroom Energy Diet Challenge, and would ask you to please take a minute to sign our pledge.

“By submitting this pledge form, I agree to reduce my personal energy consumption in any or all of the following categories:

  1. Transportation
  2. Home energy use
  3. Water consumption”

Once you’ve submitted your information (name and email only), please confirm when you get the email.

*If not confirmed, the pledge form doesn’t get signed.

On behalf of Les petits monstres de Mme Ramharry, many thanks for taking the time to support us and being mindful of your personal energy consumption, we really appreciate it!



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