Meadowlands spirit days

Here is a list of upcoming school spirit days for the 2017-2018 school year. This year, we are trying something different — we are having “Spirit Weeks” instead of having 1-2 days per month.




October 31 Halloween Wear a costume


December 18 Hat Day Wear a hat.


December 19 Crazy/Wacky Socks Day Wear crazy/wacky socks.


December 20 Flashy & Clash Day Wear bright flashy colours or wear colors/patterns that don’t match.
December 21 PJ & Stuffy Day Wear your PJ’s to school and bring in a stuffed animal.


December 22 Fancy Friday Dress up in your fancy clothes.



Feb 14 Valentine’s Day Wear white, pink or red.


Feb 28 Pink Shirt Day Wear pink to support anti-bullying.


March 5 Country/Western Day Yee-haw! Dress like a cowboy.


March 6 Fave Animal Day Dress like your favourite animal.


March 7 Tacky Tourist Day Dress like you are a tourist.


March 8 Meadowlands Colors Day


Wear red, blue and yellow.


March 9 Beach Day Wear your beach attire, bring a towel, hat, sunglasses


June 25 Fave Sports Day Wear your favourite team’s jersey or wear a sports outfit.


June 26 Pirate/Princess/Shipwreck Day Dress like a pirate, princess or someone who survived the plank.
June 27 Crazy Hair Day


Color, spike, or tease your hair.


June 28 Celebrate Canada Day


Wear red and white
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